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Why Tunnel greenhouse?
structure with easy installation and labor saving.
Small sizes are available.

Economic type,low cost.

What kind of materials are the Tunnel greenhouse use?
20 years warranty hot dip galvanized steel structure.

Anti-UV,anti-drip,long life span plastic film cover.There are PO film,astigmatic film and PEP film for options,which are excellent light transmission,high light scattering rate and great anti-drip ability.Film thickness can be 80mic,120mic,150mic,200mic.

What are the sizes for Tunnel greenhouse?
The width can be 6m/7m/8m/9m/9.6m/12m,length can be design as per project land size.

Top height:2.8m-4m.

What equipment can be added in the Tunnel greenhouse?
Hydroponic system
Cooling system
Shade system,including inner shade system and outer shade system
Heating system
Irrigation system
Fertilization system
Grow light system
CO2 system