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Vertical hydroponic

SIZE: 66x66x110cm 66x66x140cm 66x66x170cm
Holes 48 64 80

   Vertical planting system

is made of planting pot and many planting
cups.8pcs planting pot combine together to be a circle, then put on
water tank and fix upper and following layer together to be a vertical
planting column. Top layer hangs the water input accessories, then
connect with water pipe to top,cover the top.
Total set is a planting area,nutrient liquid drip to bottom planting cup
through the planting guiding board of each layer,in this
way the root can keep wet.
There are 3 options of this typ
    1,10 layers. each layer 8 holes,total 80pcs planting
holes,Width:670mm,Height 1700mm
    2, 8 layers. each layer 8 holes,total 64pcs planting
holes,Width:670mm,Height 1400mm
    3, 6 layers. each layer 8 holes,total 48pcs planting
holes,Width:670mm,Height 1100mm
Planting layers can be designed depending on customer's
Used for planting flowers,vegetables,salad,herbal medicine,fruit etc.
Water circulation planting can save about 90% water than traditional
Soilless planting,just need water and nutrient liquid which can be
green planting without pollution.
Easy installation and easy to clean after planting.
Can connect with many vertical planting system and increase the
planting quantity maxim.
Material:Food grade ABS