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Why PC sheet greenhouse?

High quality PC sheet for warm-keeping and energy-saving.
Modern appearance with stable structure.
High light transmission rate increases the harvest.
Long service life time.

What kind of materials are the PC sheet greenhouse use?
20 years warranty hot dip galvanized steel structure.

New material polycarbonate sheet with anti-UV,high light transmission and long service life time.There are multi layers hollow PC sheet (6mm,8mm,10mm) and corrugated sheet (0.8mm,1mm).

High quality aluminum alloy profile to fix the PC sheet; Self tapping screws to fix the corrugated sheet,which is more economic way but also strong structure.

What are the sizes for PC sheet greenhouse?
The width for each span can be 7m/8m/9m/9.6m/12m,length can be design as per project land size.

Gutter height:3m-6m,Top height:4m-8m.

What equipment can be added in the PC sheet greenhouse?
Hydroponic system
Cooling system
Shade system,including inner shade system and outer shade system
Heating system
Irrigation system
Fertilization system
Grow light system
CO2 system